Monday, 28 May 2012

Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins

So my sister read this and told me she loved it so much that during my busy life i had to read it as well. I was doing nothing Saturday so i spent the night reading this, one night i finished it in!. Yeah, this is my life. hahaha

So the story is about a girl called Anna, shes American and her dad is a pretty wealthy book writer in America. Her parents decide that sending her to boarding school in Paris would be a good thing for her, so they do so, but she obviously doesn't want to. (Just sayin, if my parents sent me to boarding school in Paris, i'd love them forever.)
Moving to Paris means that she has to make brand new friends and leave her old ones behind, like Bridgette her best friend. I think  that many people can somehow relate to this situation, because sometimes parents decide that they or you have to move away for certain reasons. Like parents getting a new job or leaving for a better education.
So at school she makes new friends and meets this guy called E'tienne St. Clair, who is like the most popular guy in school, very attractive, and has a girlfriend. They begin to hang out and become closer, like best friends. He takes her to a place where they "make a wish", he buys her a Canadian flag for her bag so the French people don't realise shes American and they even spend Thanksgiving together, alone. :)
Partly way through the book E'tienne St. Clair recieves a phone call from his father (-in which they have a very rocky relationship, hes very controlling) he tells him that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Because his father only cares about himself he won't allow St. Clair to go back to America to visits his mother, this makes him to change who he is like, he gets drunk, skips school, stops hanging out with his friends and his grades fall. I don't think his father realised how much it hurt him being away from his mother at this very sad time, because it made him change completely who he was. Sometimes in the real world we don't understand that the things we do effect the people around us massively, in both good and bad ways.

The book ends like every other romantic book ends. You guessed it! yeah they're together, he pretty much breaks up with his girlfriend and confesses his love for her. :) plus they go back to America and go to college there, but not the same one, like 25 minutes apart. :)

"Because i was right. For the two of us, home inst a place. Its a person. And we're finally home"
- they have trouble deciding where "home" is. Shes from America but she goes to school in Paris. He was born in America, grew up in England but goes to school in Paris.

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