Saturday, 9 June 2012

Ill blog about these later.

Ive read these. But i dont have the time to blog yet. Ill do it later when i do. :)

-Leaving Paradise
-Return to Paradise
-Chain Reaction
-Rules of Attraction

Friday, 1 June 2012

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

This book is about girl called Brittany, who is basically the "popular girl" at school, she has everything- money, the boyfriend, captain of the poms and the beauty. Her lift was "perfect" before she is paired up with Alex, the mexican gang member as chemistry partners for the year.
In the town theat they live in, its basically divided up, the north side is where the "white" rich people live and the south is the "dodgy part of town, you wouldnt dare think about being friends with someone from the other side of town. If you're seen crossing the other side of town, you better watch your back!

Basically, the end up spending time together to complete their chemistry project because they are forced to. Because they both have been sterotyped in this book of who they are, when they spend time together they both open up and show who they really are, Alex sees the side of Brittany caring for her sister and Brittany see what life is like for Alex on the other side of town. This shows that you shouldn't judge people everyone before you actually know them, you might be wrong. Alex as a mexican gangster who deals drugs and is constantly rebelling but really he doesnt believe in dealing drugs- and never done it, hes only in the gang becasue of his family- to protect them, hes actaully good at chemistry and he deep down wants to leave the gang- but anyone who does that faces terrible consequences. They both have problems outside thier worlds regarding their family and friends, which are very complicated. They share this so they are able to talk to one another about it.
I guess being able to assume what someone is like by the way that other people seem them or how they've been protrayed is easier that getting to know them because talking to someone we see as "scary" or "not like you" makes you risk everything, where judging someone is playing it safe.

So, because shes is falling madly in love with Alex, Brittany breaks up with her boyfriend and pretty much confesses her love for him. Then they end up together. They hide their relationship as their love is like forbidden or even to be seen with one other, (Like romeo and juliet i guess)

Their relationship goes on the down hill when Alex is require to take control of a drug deal in order to "become one of the boys in the gang" (like a test thing) and Brittany wants him to quit the gang because its so dangerous. But its not that easy, people who want to leave to gang genreally end up dying. Alex learns the real reasoning behind his fathers death, which was his family friend Hector killed him at a drug deal because he wanted out of the gang for him and his family. And then the real reasoning behind Hector wanting Alex to do the drug deal was that he wanted to kill him, but instead he kills his friend Paco, as he went actaing like him to protect him. His friendship with Paco was so strong that Paco was willing to die to protect his friend and his family. Alex forever felt responsible for his friends death.

I really liked this book, so sarah you should read it. :)

Monday, 28 May 2012

Anna and the french kiss by Stephanie Perkins

So my sister read this and told me she loved it so much that during my busy life i had to read it as well. I was doing nothing Saturday so i spent the night reading this, one night i finished it in!. Yeah, this is my life. hahaha

So the story is about a girl called Anna, shes American and her dad is a pretty wealthy book writer in America. Her parents decide that sending her to boarding school in Paris would be a good thing for her, so they do so, but she obviously doesn't want to. (Just sayin, if my parents sent me to boarding school in Paris, i'd love them forever.)
Moving to Paris means that she has to make brand new friends and leave her old ones behind, like Bridgette her best friend. I think  that many people can somehow relate to this situation, because sometimes parents decide that they or you have to move away for certain reasons. Like parents getting a new job or leaving for a better education.
So at school she makes new friends and meets this guy called E'tienne St. Clair, who is like the most popular guy in school, very attractive, and has a girlfriend. They begin to hang out and become closer, like best friends. He takes her to a place where they "make a wish", he buys her a Canadian flag for her bag so the French people don't realise shes American and they even spend Thanksgiving together, alone. :)
Partly way through the book E'tienne St. Clair recieves a phone call from his father (-in which they have a very rocky relationship, hes very controlling) he tells him that his mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Because his father only cares about himself he won't allow St. Clair to go back to America to visits his mother, this makes him to change who he is like, he gets drunk, skips school, stops hanging out with his friends and his grades fall. I don't think his father realised how much it hurt him being away from his mother at this very sad time, because it made him change completely who he was. Sometimes in the real world we don't understand that the things we do effect the people around us massively, in both good and bad ways.

The book ends like every other romantic book ends. You guessed it! yeah they're together, he pretty much breaks up with his girlfriend and confesses his love for her. :) plus they go back to America and go to college there, but not the same one, like 25 minutes apart. :)

"Because i was right. For the two of us, home inst a place. Its a person. And we're finally home"
- they have trouble deciding where "home" is. Shes from America but she goes to school in Paris. He was born in America, grew up in England but goes to school in Paris.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

"You have to promise me that you won't fall in love with me"

So this is my favourite movie, and i didn't think I've read the book before. But turns out while i was reading it again i remembered what happened. So i guess i did. hahahaha. But it was so cute and amazing that i couldn't put it down and finished it in a night.
I really liked this book. The story line is kinda different from the movie but still involves the most important things.
I love how these two people Jamie and Landon are the completely opposite, shes a girl who is the preachers daughter who's heavily involved with the church and reads stories to the kids at the orphanage and hes the bad boy who doesn't take interest in much. When they first met (he asked her to the dance, as there was none else to ask) she even made him promise that he wont ever fall in love with her (knowingly he would with her "gods plans"), he never meant to fall deeply in love with her.
The title "A Walk to Remember" is pretty much the meaning behind the book. Her one dream, is to be walked down the aisle by her father in the church her parents got married in. When she tells Landon this, she says that she doesn't think that it will come true and doesn't tell him why. Eventually through the book she breaks it to him that shes dying of Leukemia and was told that she only had a year to live, seven months had already gone past. 
This book has shown me, well Jamie showed me that even though she was dying she never let that stop her from living her life to the fullest. She didn't tell anyone about her illness because she didn't want peoples pity or that sad look they give when they feel sorry for her, she wanted to be normal. I also learnt that people can change, good influences on someone can make a difference. Before meeting Jamie, Landon never even thought about being apart of the school play or visiting the orphanage. But she changed him, he made it the best Christmas ever for the children at the orphanage by donating hundreds or dollars for toys. 
Even though in the end her death is really sad. Her death gave Landon the hope that he needed that he could become something great and change the world. Eventually he becomes a doctor? i think.

"I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen."

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson

Reading this book because Sarah forced it upon me. ;) hahahaha
And i started last night. read up to chapter eightttt.
Plus, i haven't read Sarahs blog about this book so. i don't know what happens next. DON'T TELL ME SARAH. OR ILL BLOCK YOU. :D Ill finish it tonight or tomorrow.

So far I've read that the story is based on Prudence, who basically all her life has been home schooled by her father with her younger sister. Her father is the type of character who seems to be very strict on his daughters, treating them badly by speaking to them i'm horrible ways, educating them but only about things that he feels they need to know and telling them he is right, no one else.
She begins to rebel and spends money her father gave her to spend on maths tutoring lessons (-only because her father is being made to) and things that shes never really had in life. For example she buys a chocolate bunny for her little sister as its her favourite, this shows how much she really cares about her, risking and spoiling her with a little something she never has. She also buys things like art paints because she has a passion for art but her father never really supported it and thought as "going to art college" was a waste and ridiculous idea. 
Her father suddenly becomes ill and is rushed to hospital as he suffered a stroke. Because of this Prudence and her younger sister Grace are sent to an actual school, by their mother as their father can no longer teach them. At school Prudence struggles to fit in and socialise with other to make friends where on the other hand Grace was able to make friends easily.
I think that this is relate able to some as sometimes its hard to make friends with people and open yourself up to some as it feels strange or makes you feel unconformable like it did for Prudence.

Blog again tomorrow night! 
ex oh ex oh.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Along for the Ride By Sarah Dessen

This novel is about Auden who has experienced her parents divorce, feeling like she couldn't prevent it.
Ever since, she never seemed to really sleep at night due to remembering how her parents used to argue all night long. She spends her nights driving around town.

Eli, is a guy who when they first met was awfully quiet hiding behind work of the guilt of the death of his best friend last year. He was a pro biker but ever since his friends death he hasn't continued to ride at all. 
Between the two they find that they share the fact that they both can't sleep at night, therefore they begin to spend their nights together adventuring around town, drinking coffee, eating pie, shopping at the park n mart, bowling and helping her complete a "quest" of everything she missed out on thoughout her life. 
During her stay at her fathers, with his wife Heidi and new baby Thisbe. His fathers relationship with Heidi begins to change slowly resulting in a repeat of her fathers and mothers relationship which ended in a divorce. She feels that again she can't do anything to stop of change whats happening.

havent finished writing yet.....