Sunday, 22 April 2012

Along for the Ride By Sarah Dessen

This novel is about Auden who has experienced her parents divorce, feeling like she couldn't prevent it.
Ever since, she never seemed to really sleep at night due to remembering how her parents used to argue all night long. She spends her nights driving around town.

Eli, is a guy who when they first met was awfully quiet hiding behind work of the guilt of the death of his best friend last year. He was a pro biker but ever since his friends death he hasn't continued to ride at all. 
Between the two they find that they share the fact that they both can't sleep at night, therefore they begin to spend their nights together adventuring around town, drinking coffee, eating pie, shopping at the park n mart, bowling and helping her complete a "quest" of everything she missed out on thoughout her life. 
During her stay at her fathers, with his wife Heidi and new baby Thisbe. His fathers relationship with Heidi begins to change slowly resulting in a repeat of her fathers and mothers relationship which ended in a divorce. She feels that again she can't do anything to stop of change whats happening.

havent finished writing yet.....

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