Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

So I'm currently going through a faze of reading Sarah Dessen books.

The Truth about Forever is the story of Macy's life. 
When her "prefect" boyfriend Jason leaves for the summer, shes given the responsibly of covering his commitments like taking over his job of reception at the local library, which he feels strongly about.
Since recently suffering the grief of losing her father, shes been trying to live the life of being "perfect" as her mother wants her to be. Studying, keeping up with jobs, helping her mother with work and having no social life with friends.
This is relate able for me as i have thought that my parents want me to be "perfect" looking up to my sisters success and having to be exactly like them, but they don't really want that for me.
She meets Wes, somewhat alike her, sharing the common thing of losing someone close to them. they are able to  share their experiences with each other. They begin to grow a strong friendship between them, playing a continuous game of "truth", where they ask each other hard questions about one another and the other must answer truthfully. They end up knowing more about each other than they expect. 
This book has shown me that, sometimes there's more to people, that what you really know. You can't just know people really by "the girl whose dad died" its like judging a book by its cover.
She has a passion of running but after her fathers death, she never continued. Due to the fact that the morning he died, they were supposed to go running together, but she was too lazy. But a few minutes after he left she got up at went to join him. On her way to catch up with him, he suffered a heart attack, right in front of her. The guilt and the remembrance that it brought haunted her, therefore it was easier for her to stop running and move on. Giving up on something is common with people when they feel that its too hard and would be so much easier just to give up, because you dont have to try anymore and it washes away the bad memories but really you're never gonna know what could have happened if you kept going or what might have been.

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