Monday, 12 March 2012

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

So I'm blogging what Ive read so far which is 63 pages worth. :) hahaha.

This book is based around the life of Annabel Greene. The story begin of her explaining the situation of her life, of what has happened in the past and how they play an effect in her life now. From the people she friends with such as Sophie, who was her best friend until she did something unforgivable to her (-this reasoning has not been given currently), now they don't even acknowledge each other when they walk by. To her family, the grief her mother feels towards her grandmothers death in which has turn her mother in dealing with the grief by making modelling a big part in hers and her siblings lives. And lastly her sisters, Kristen and Whitney- who has been hiding the truth of her suffering with an eating disorder due to the pressuring industry of modelling in New York City. When Kristen previously told her parents about this, they didn't want to believe her, instead they believed Whitney's denial, saying that she simply wasn't hungry or had already eaten.
I think that people within my society could relate to this as sometimes people feel the pressure to become someone who they aren't or change something about themselves to meet what other people want. Like in the modelling industry these days, you only see skinny models, because that's simply the type of people they want. In a way its like they're encouraging younger adults to look like this, saying that's its okay, when really, its not.

Dealing with her life, her family and friends has been hard for her, therefore she turns to some else for help...

xoxo gossip girl. :)

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