Thursday, 26 April 2012

Love Lessons by Jacqueline Wilson

Reading this book because Sarah forced it upon me. ;) hahahaha
And i started last night. read up to chapter eightttt.
Plus, i haven't read Sarahs blog about this book so. i don't know what happens next. DON'T TELL ME SARAH. OR ILL BLOCK YOU. :D Ill finish it tonight or tomorrow.

So far I've read that the story is based on Prudence, who basically all her life has been home schooled by her father with her younger sister. Her father is the type of character who seems to be very strict on his daughters, treating them badly by speaking to them i'm horrible ways, educating them but only about things that he feels they need to know and telling them he is right, no one else.
She begins to rebel and spends money her father gave her to spend on maths tutoring lessons (-only because her father is being made to) and things that shes never really had in life. For example she buys a chocolate bunny for her little sister as its her favourite, this shows how much she really cares about her, risking and spoiling her with a little something she never has. She also buys things like art paints because she has a passion for art but her father never really supported it and thought as "going to art college" was a waste and ridiculous idea. 
Her father suddenly becomes ill and is rushed to hospital as he suffered a stroke. Because of this Prudence and her younger sister Grace are sent to an actual school, by their mother as their father can no longer teach them. At school Prudence struggles to fit in and socialise with other to make friends where on the other hand Grace was able to make friends easily.
I think that this is relate able to some as sometimes its hard to make friends with people and open yourself up to some as it feels strange or makes you feel unconformable like it did for Prudence.

Blog again tomorrow night! 
ex oh ex oh.

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